Frankly Fiona makes music!

The idea of Fiona Richmond making a record was by Des McClusky from The Batchelors. It was suggested that Anthony Newley might be interested in writing the easy listening music for it, and after approaching him backstage when he was appearing in “Good Old Bad Old Day”s he jumped at the idea. He went off to write the music and she went off to write all the rude bits that would go between the songs. She wasn’t the greatest singer, and after hearing her demos the producer thought it might be best to use a session singer instead, leaving Fiona to just read the spoken word saucy monologues. The album entitled “Frankly Fiona” came out in 1973 and was advertised in all of Paul Raymonds magazines, £5 including postage! Due to the explicit sleeve the album wasn’t available in the high street record stores, but you could also purchase it at Paul Raymonds theatres where she was performing.

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