First film appearance

When Fiona started working at the Playboy Bunny club in the late 60s she had to change her name from Julia Harrison to Amber Harrison, the reason being that under Playboy rules, only the first initial of your surname was used. They already had a Julia H, so she chose to be known as Amber. It’s with this name that she was credited  in her small pre-fame part in the 1971 film ‘Not Tonight, Darling’. The film concerns a housewife (Luan Peters) that is being watched every night through the bathroom window by a ‘Peeping Tom’ (Sean Barry-Weske), who is being put up to it by his friend (Vincent Ball). She eventually finds out and gets her revenge on them. Fiona played a small bit part called Suzanne. A bizarre little film that was released briefly on video in the early 80s and occasionally turns up on late night tv.

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