Expose – video nasty!

Filmed during the hot summer of 1975, Expose was and still is Fiona Richmond’s most controversial film. Featuring lots of blood, boobs and knives, this exploitation classic became a definite no-no with the authorities, so much so that in the early 1980s it was banned in the UK on video and branded a ‘video nasty’. Original videos of it released by ‘Intervision’ can still fetch over £300 due to its rarity. ‘Nothing, but nothing, is left to the imagination…’ promised the original UK posters, and – true to form – the film certainly delivers. Casting Fiona in her first major role (bankrolled by Paul Raymond), while the film is usually sold and advertised as a Fiona Richmond film, it is actually Linda Hayden who is the real star of this dark and disturbing mystery. Filmed on location in Danbury, Essex, the film stars Euro horror favorite Udo Kier (with a dubbed mid-Atlantic accent) as a successful novelist whose guilty secrets have isolated him within a picturesque cottage deep within the English countryside. Under a deadline to complete another book in the wake of his first bestseller, he hires a temp secretary Linda Hayden, a ripe young sexpot given to masturbating wherever the fancy takes her and murdering anyone who disturbs her fragile psychosis. Fiona stars as Kier’s highly-sexed girlfriend who enjoys lusty romps with him before surrendering to a lesbian liaison with the lovely Linda. The film did good box office and even took more money than Jaws in Fiona’s home town! Known in America as ‘House On Straw Hill’.

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