Before Fiona Richmond, there was Amber St.George!

Pyama Tops cost Paul Raymond £25,000 to produce and was first perfomed at the Whitehall Theatre on Monday September 22nd, 1969. Based on the celebrated French comedy “Moumou” by Jean de Letraz, this was one of Paul Raymonds longest running and successful shows on the West End, running for over 6 years and over 2000 performances. Paul Raymond had attractive young girls in mini-uniforms greeting people as they walked into the theatre. They were known as ‘Theatre receptionists’ and looked a lot different from the more traditional looking usheretes at the time! Fiona Richmond joined the cast in September 1970 as one of the nude swimmers in the 14ft wide by 7ft deep ‘see through’swimming pool, which alone cost £10,000! She was billed as Amber St George. She was headlining the show a year later as Fiona Richmond!

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